Responsibility Statement
for participants in
the meditation groups
of Hariprem & Kaulika

Whatever happens to me in this group is my own responsibility;
I cannot blame it on somebody else.
I cannot make the groupleaders responsible.
It is my longing for personal and spiritual growth that brings me to this group.
I understand that this is a meditation group,
and I will cooperate with the structure of the group;
this means that I will be on time for the meditation sessions;

I will be present at the beginning of the group, and I will stay till the end of the group.

It also means that I will not interfere with the guidance of the facilitators.
I understand that the facilitators are available to support me in my inner process.
If I experience any discomfort or difficulty in following the flow of the group,
I will not hesitate and ask for support from the leaders.
I will avoid unnecessary gossip with other participants,
and when silence is required in the process of the group, I will adhere to it….
I am ready to be without mobile or any other contact with the outside world,
for the entire duration of the group.
I will be fully present in all the sessions of the group.
It is my meditation to watch my mind and relax with it, whatever it is doing.
During the group there is no reading or writing.
It is not a discussion group, but a group where you can directly experience yourself.
During the days of the group, I will not use any alcohol or drugs.
I will respect the dietary meals, that are presented,
​and not supplement it with chocolate,
sugar, coffee etc…
If you are on medication, it is your duty to come and share this with the leaders.

download and print out as pdf-document
This statement needs to be read, understood, and signed,
​before the start of any of our groups