In 2020 Kaulika and Hariprem will not appear in the different Tantra Festivals in the world.

This year is for us, to live in the city of Kolkata, and go deeper in our melting,

through the practice of everyday life, filled with Meditation and Celebration.


On January 8 however,

we will present an evening event of Tantra Heart Meditation at Zorba the Buddha in New Delhi.


The Melting Heart

Tantra Meditation Event
with Kaulika and Hariprem.

Tantra is calling us, to wake up to our true being.
Tantra shows us, how and why we are bound by our own hands,
And how we can free ourselves from all kind of conditionings,
in the conscious journey into the depth of our Heart.
Through Heart Meditations, we can easily come in touch with our deepest longing,
To melt with the Divine Nature that we all are.
It is really a Journey Back Home to yourself.

Hariprem and Kaulika will guide you from their own experience as a Tantric Couple.
Meditation is a must if we want to melt in the Heart.
We will inspire you and support you on your inner journey.
We travel together.


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