Being Together

“Being Together”
is a weekend retreat for lovers and couples,
who have a sincere longing to go deeper with each other….
Deeper in the space of love, intimacy and consciousness.

Hariprem and Kaulika will guide the couples into the deeper spaces of meditation. It is not only about the Ecstasy and Excitement of the Tantric Energy. It is rather more about the simple life of a man and a woman, who slowly burn away all boundaries, all divisions, all sense of separation…. with another word: maturity of relating and intimacy

the retreat is open for couples,
​who have already a basic experience of meditation.

We will have 3, 4 or 5-day retreats in different parts of the world.

Retreats in 2019:

Febr 24 – 26 Tiruvannamalai

March 28 – 31 Delhi

June 28 – 30 Estonia

July 26 – 28 Moscow

September 4 – 8 Finland

Sept 20 -22 Holland

if you are interested in participation,
please click on the next link: